About Us​

JS Genslinger
Founder - CEO
World Wide Regenerative Medicine

JS Genslinger and his team of Stem Cell Professionals took the Stem Cell Industry by storm in 2019-2020. JS Genslinger is the CEO, Founder, and Owner of World Wide Regenerative Medicine Treatment Centers.
When Stem Cells became available as treatment in the U.S. JS Genslinger was responsible for building the PATIENT / PHYSICIAN relationships in professional sports. World Wide Regenerative Medicine Treatment Centers use the latest cutting edge Stem Cell Medicine. Genslinger and the incredible team he has assembled collaborate to make incredible things happen with Stem Cell medicine.
World Wide Regenerative Medicine Treatment Centers are now open to the entire public for the very first time. People are eliminating invasive surgeries with Stem Cell Treatments that are as simple as an injection. This NEW treatment program World Wide Regenerative Medicine Treatment Centers has in place dramatically improves the patients health and quality of life and lets not forget to mention the simplicity to obtain it. This all happens when eliminating invasive surgeries. 
For the first time ever these treatments are now available to any patient that needs treatment after being evaluated. Anyone that is evaluated and approved for treatment can be treated at WWSCTC. Genslinger and his team are now opening World Wide Regenerative Medicine Treatment Centers and World Wide Regenerative Medical Spas all over the U.S. and Europe. WWRMTC ONLY employ the best General Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons and Neuro Surgeons for performing evaluations and treatments. 
As mentioned above, the treatment centers will NOW be open to the public. These treatments will replace invasive orthopedic surgery procedures. WWRMTC also offer aesthetic procedures that replace plastic surgery procedures such as hair replacement and facial rejuvenation to mention just a couple. These procedures are all done in the office using stem cell injections.
Currently Genslinger is scheduled to open 12 new locations by October 2023 with 290 more to come in the next 36 months. 
WWRMTC treat injured athletes from the NFL, NFLPA, NBA, MBA, PGA, MMA, WWE, and US Tennis. World Wide Regenerative Medicine Treatment Centers recently added The Screen Actors Guild to their list of organizations they treat. So when adding being open to the public, they can now treat everyone.


Gino Maurizio
Executive V.P.
Business & Finance

Gino Maurizio was brought on at World Wide Regenerative Medicine Treatment Centers to help direct the financial growth of the company. He will develop the US and International locations that are to be opened in 2020-2021.

Gino Maurizio comes from a very eclectic entrepreneurial background in finance and real estate development. His niche is for raising developmental funds for start-ups.

Most recently working successfully in the Sweepstakes Gaming Industry for the last ten years throughout the U.S. Maurizio once again shined with his ability to bring in the start-up funds needed.

Maurizio has had great success wherever involved and is expected to do the same things at World Wide Regenerative Medicine Treatment Centers. The CEO and Founder JS Genslinger having had a previous business relationship with Maurizio was personally responsible for recruiting Maurizio to WWSCTC.

Dr Louis M. Certo M.D. F.A.C.S.
Medical Director
Stem Cell Surgeon

World Wide Regenerative Medicine Treatment Centers feel very lucky to have recruited Dr Lou Certo as The Medical Director. He is also the lead Physician/Surgeon that will perform a lot of the Stem Cell procedures done at World Wide Regenerative Medicine.

Dr Certo has had an amazing career as a Physician/Surgeon. He has held the highly regarded position of being a Physician Advisor for Highmark Blue Cross in Pittsburgh Pa. while simultaneously working as a Board Certified Surgeon in private practice.

Dr Certo has worked as a Staff Surgeon, Medical Director, and Staff Physician at Circulatory Centers right up to the point of World Wide Regenerative Medicine recruiting him to be the East Coast Medical Director. Dr Certo did stem cell training under the guidance of Dr Ruben Timmons. Dr Certo is known for always having a very honest upfront approach with all of his patients and that is why his patients are so fond of him. Dr Certo always makes sure the patient has a realistic and honest set of expectations with whatever treatment plan they have been advised on and evaluated for.

As the Medical Director Of World Wide Regenerative Medicine, Dr Certo oversees every treatment that is being performed or is about to be performed. The evaluation process that is done prior to treatment for every one of our patients is extremely thorough. This is done to not only make sure the procedure being considered will work out the way we would hope for, but to also make sure the procedure is safe for the patient.

With Dr Certo in charge of all the treatments done at World Wide Regenerative Medicine, all of our patients can rest assured they are in the best hands. Dr Certo has carried a level of integrity and talent that is hard to match since the start of his career.

Dr Certo always does his very best at pleasing ALL our patients with the procedure or treatment performed.